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Continuing with our 2010 year end celebration actor Jesse Kozel had given us his awesome best and worst list of 2010. Thanks Jesse!

Thanks for the opportunity to spill the beans on what I think is riding the line between good and bad in my world.  

I only wanted to include films that played to wide audiences either at festivals with large crowds, theatrical releases or if they were available on DVD.

Best of 2010:

 Black Swan - Aronofsky does it again with this mind bending thriller set in the world of Ballet.  You know those people are crazy, but now you get to see inside the head of a prima ballerina for the first time.  Stellar performances and an overall captivating setting make for the best film I've seen this year.

Colour from the Dark - Technically this had a screening some time ago in NYC, but never made any type of theatrical or DVD run until February of this year so I can include it.  Thanks to a wonderful performance by Indie Horror Icon Debbie Rochon, this film manages to keep great pace and makes for one of the most cinematically beautiful films I've seen in some years.  Director Ivan Zuccon invites the audience to a small farm who's residents become possessed by the 'Colour', originally based off of an H.G. Wells story.  Grab this on DVD immediately, if you're an indie horror fan, you will not be let down by the entire story or the entire cast.  

Spork - The little Indie that could.  You may not know it, but you will.  Undoubtedly this film will have a huge life on DVD/Blu-Ray when it is finally released.  Screens to sold out theatres at The Tribeca Film Festival should mean it will see a release in 2011.  This is Director/Writer J.B. Ghuman Jr.'s feature directorial debut and it is hysterical.  Spork tells the tale of a young hermaphrodite who just wants to fit in at her school.  All I can say is this film is hysterical, original and plain fun.  It's not for everyone, but if you're an indie lover and have ever felt like an outcast at your school, then this film is for you!

Shutter Island and Inception -  I know these aren't the same film by any means, but they both have DiCaprio in them & I'm just trying to cut down on space.  They are both twisted films and if you're into having your mind melted for a few hours then these two are perfect.  The visual effects in both are terrific.  Inception brings Nolan to a new level in his direction style and I welcome it.  Shutter Island, though mildly predictable by most, I found myself lost in the story and did not see the twist coming, that part I loved.  I believe they both belong on any best of list this year.

Never Sleep Again: The Elm Street Legacy - If you are a fan of this series then you probably own this already.  But if not, I tell you this is one of the best play by play documentaries of filmmaking I have ever seen.  Hours of footage and interviews.  Terrific stories.  What an awesome tribute to do for the fans of this series.

Honorable mentions:  Frozen, The Social Network, The Kids are Alright, Kick-Ass, The Crazies, Toy Story 3, The Town, Let Me In, Machete, Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work, Human Centipede 

Worst of 2010:

A Nightmare on Elm Steet - I get it, let's take yet another successful film and try and make more money off of it, but truly this film was a waste of time.  I did not see it in the theatre via terrific sources in the Director and Producers of  'Never Sleep Again ...' who told me not to, but I did recently get it though Netfix.  What a waste of a rental.  I do agree that Jackie Earl Haley is a tremendous actor and one who could pull this film and character off, but he does not even manage to drum up one scare in this film. There are other terrific and talented actors in the film, Thomas Dekker, Connie Britton & Clancy Brown but none of them could have imagined this would turn out so horrid.  It's a colossal failure and I feel bad for all of them.

Wolfman - Why, Oh why Universal?  I am sure they thought it was a good idea, but lord where they wrong.  This film drags from the very first frame and leaves you bored and wanting more.  Again, great cast, Anthony Hopkins, Benicio DelTorro and Emily Blunt, but absolutely terrible exicution.  I'm sure they all were paid well for this flop but what a waste of time and energy on everyone's part.
Jonah Hex -  God help this film.  I have a good friend that was a part of the production, obviously they cut her out because she was too good for the film.  Here is multiple millions of dollars on the line and yet again the film falls apart.  Not even John Malkovich can save this one and Megan Fox please just sit there, look pretty and stop trying to convince the world you're an actor.  I have given up on you completely.

Worth Mentioning because they were awful but I don't feel like writing anything more then the title:  Tooth Fairy, When in Rome, The Back-Up Plan, Macgruber, Night of the Demons (I love Linnea Quigley but this film is ridiculous). 

I'm sure there are way more bad films of this past year but honestly, why waste any more energy talking about them.


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