And My Favorite Movies Of 2010 Are.....

I can't really say which film is #1  but all of these films do qualify as my favorites of 2010 so these are in no particular order. As busy of a year as this has been for me I've missed many of the top blockbusters theatrically so I'm just going on what i've seen so far, and no, I'm not going all horror with my picks!
Kick-Ass will be one of my all-time favorites. The little comic book movie that could. It pushed the envelope, and was just right for the nerd who wants to be the super hero! Kick-Ass is simply and is a movie that I enjoy watching over and over again and hope one day we see that sequel!
Resident Evil: Afterlife was a welcomed return. The Milla Jovovich vehicle saw Paul W.S. Anderson return to the directors chair and to me surpassed the last installment by a long shot. This franchise is the most successful video game movie franchise ever and I doubt any video game/film will ever catch up. Not being a huge fan of 3D I can say the visual FX of this film was made perfect for 3D and the fans. Jovovich was made for fighting the Umbrella Corporation and its undead.
Adam Green's Frozen made a lot of buzz earlier this year. A heartbreaking and freezing journey of "what if we get stranded on a ski lift for the week". This is something you do not want to happen people! With a low budget and no gore /all psychological approach Adam Green once again has a cult hit on his hands. Beware of frost bite and wolves!
Predators returned the beloved alien monster franchise to where it belongs in the win catagory. Leave it to Robert Rodriguez to reignite this franchise with help from director Nomrod Antal, a strong cast and introduction to a few new predators. Predators paid homage to the original film without copying it too much. Beware of the Berzerker Predator aka Mr. black!
The Crazies to me was far superior to the original, no offense to Mr. Romero. This was simply a fun movie with lots of "crazy" people on the loose! Breck Eisner did a great job on this remake and the media campaign was perfect. They teased the fans until the release date!
Splice was a film I called the surprise hit of 201o way back in January during Sundance and Slamdance. It didn't do very well at the box office but I do stand by my call and it remains one of the best films of the year to me and has great FX to play along with this twisted genetic experiment gone wrong. If you haven't seen this film please give it a chance and watch it!
Neighbor was a welcomed change to horror films. It brought us the crazy "neighbor" chick who is the one we should watch out for and what an imagination she has! I followed this movie from the very beginning and was so happy with the end product. director Rob Mascinatonio has a cult hit on his hands and I can't wait for the sequel! The gore level in this movie is at an all time high and is a can't miss brought to us by FX wizard Vincent Gaustini.
Slices of Life is the little indie film that could! Director Anthony Sumner and his team have a cult hit on their hands with this film. This is a great  indie horror anthology that I'd proudly put up against any studio film. Shot beautifully with great story telling, lots of blood, mix in some zombies, FX, add a little skin and a parasite from the "no fly zone" and how could you not want to catch this fun movie! Slices of Life has gotten lots of buzz in 2010 and will soon be available everywhere and we'll let you all know when and where to find it! Anthony Sumner, I can't wait to see what you and your crew do next!
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