Actress Kelsey Zukowski Shares Her BEST And WORST Films of 2010 With GeekTyrant

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Actress/writer Kelsey Zukowski shared her Best and Worst Films of 2010 with GeekTyrant. Check out her picks andwhat she had to say.

Frozen- Frozen is the film that really stayed with me the most throughout 2010. It has such an uncomfortable stillness without really showing anything remotely graphic. There is hardly any gore and the little that there is by wolves who aren’t really all that villainess; they are simply a part of nature. Having nature as the villain is one of the most interesting components of the film. Nature is the element responsible for essentially putting these kids through lingering, brutal torture. Watching our protagonists freeze was more uncomfortable and painful to watch then the most graphic torture or murder scenes. With nature as the antagonist there is also an overwhelming feeling of inevitability as they are stranded. Really their only options of how they die; falling to their deaths, getting eaten by wolves, or slowly freezing to death, all in hopes of the faltering hope that there might be a chance of survival. The scariest part is that the torturous environment is a place that the vast majority of people have been to. It’s actually in the realm of possibility for us to fall in these same treacherous fates.

A Nightmare on Elm Street (2010)- Being a remake of my favorite film of all time, obviously this never had a chance of living up to the original. Still, I went in with an open mind and hoped it would at least bring out some interesting themes or utilize the seemingly promising cast. I held far too much faith in Jackey Earl Haley. He did a horrendous job, making a mockery of everything that was always so twisted, compelling, and haunting about Freddy. I have seen Haley give a chilling performance as a child molester so I know he had the potential to bring out a dark and daunting Freddy. It’s clear that it wasn’t going to happen in a Michael Bay remake, and this is definitely the worst of the bunch. He really didn’t have anything to work with though. The dialogue, especially for Freddy, is terrible. It doesn’t show his dark side, it doesn’t show even any cheesy comedy even (at least the worst of the Freddy sequels did this), and half of what Freddy says makes no sense at all. Haley just continued to utter things that Freddy would never say. Somehow 30 years later, with more of a budget and better technology they even made the deaths seem far worse and laughable in the worst possible way. Really, I don’t see this as a Nightmare film even. It doesn’t deserve that same grouping.

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