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Director Richard Diaz has shared his TOP 5 films of 2010 with us plus he has a few good ones on the way hopefully in 2011-12. Check out the links for his films at the bottom peeps! 

Here are my top five picks for my favorite films of 2010. I know I haven't seen everything I have wanted to see yet and it's possible this list could change but I'm sticking with it for now. So my favorites are:

5. The Expendables - Sometimes a fun action film is all I need and Sylvester Stallone delivered on that pulling together a great cast and letting it all go. A group of mercenaries gets more than they bargained for during their latest mission. That's pretty much all you need. Then just blow a ton of stuff up and I'm a happy camper. The kind that existed back during the 80's action film days. A throwback that I enjoyed taking and continue to.

4. Black Swan - I loved this film about a ballet dancer battling obstacles to play the dual role in a production of Swan Lake. What I really enjoyed was the exploration into the process someone creative goes through to create something. Granted it is taken to the extremes in the film but the battle and hardship and demanding nature that creative people go through is something that not everyone understands. This is as good example as any.

3. A Serbian Film - The infamous film that has some people calling it an exploitative piece of garbage while others, like me, found it every bit as enthralling as it was appalling. A former porn star is given the opportunity for another job only he can't know what the film is about which leads him into the very dark world of snuff films. This film is as graphic as they come (including the infamous baby scene) but behind that is an absolute brilliant film which is shot and acted so well. The scary thing isn't how extreme the film gets but the fact that what is depicted does actually happen. This stayed with me long after it ended.

2. Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World - Having not read the graphic novel before going in I had almost no knowledge of this before sitting down to watch this. Boy was I blown away. Edgar Wright's outstanding take on the material about a boy who starts dating the girl of his dreams but must first defeat her seven evil exes is as fun and visually stunning as it is also quite touching. Plus it stars one of my celebrity crushes Mary Elizabeth Winstead. But that is not why it's one of my favorites of the year. It just helps.

1. Inception - My favorite film of the year because it is a clear example of the kind of film I would love to make. Christopher Nolan hot off The Dark Knight delivers a film that works on every level (no pun intended). People who infiltrate others dreams to steal or implant information which involves several levels of the dream world might sound like it's going to be confusing but it is told so perfectly that not only does it make sense but it delivers with fantastic action sequences and some very strong characters. An absolutely brilliant film and in my opinion the year's best.



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