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Director Tammi Sutton's Eye Candy - 2010 - Year of the Film Geek! I like the way she says that!

2010 was truly an incredible year for film geek! There were countless fantastic films this year, and a great many diverse films, something in every flavour, and something for everyone of all ages. I cannot remember a better year for such rich offerings for filmgoers. I feel privileged to have gotten to see so many great films, it started with late night whispers at Cannes, murderous feats to get to Telluride through Durango, to rushing an early, juvenile, cut of my own film "Isle of Dogs" at Fright Fest, and down to the wire fighting with a stranger's child in Los Angeles over the last DVD copy of 'Toy Story 3' hours ago. 

1. The American – directed by Anton Corbin. "Sex on Celluloid" - I've said this before and sticking to it - It’s intimate, soft, slick and slow, this film is like making love. When you make an audience fall in love with your characters, you've got something special. It’s simply, called passion. I'm willing to watch this again with any filmmaker who wants to throw down and argue the point. 

2. Toy Story 3 - "Come on, let's see how much we're going for on eBay." Priceless quote, but it's full of them. I almost missed this one, but it was highly recommended. I watched it alone with my ridiculous toy collection, I hit over a thousand on the action figures and toys quite a while back and decided to stop counting. I feel like this movie was custom made for me. I wanted to make it my number one pic of the year, as it should have been, but I didn't want to copycat others. Since I've got more toys than the boys, maybe I should have? I've bought my childhood back one toy at a time. 

3. Kick-Ass - When 'Vans' makes shoes with your film logo, you know you've arrived. It rocks all over the place. Hands down, must see. Bring me Nic Cage's head on a platter.I'd love to do a mature 'Superman' film with him. 

4. True Grit – best and only western – Jeff Bridges and Matt Damon disappeared in a great way inside this remake with the Cohens. They had great material, hindsight, and budget, but they went there anyway. Don’t miss it. I had to bring myself to forgive them for the last ten minutes, you should too. Westerns are the hardest, bastard genre to conquer and get made in this town, yet my favourite. If we turn our backs now, this genre could be shunned and driven into obscurity, and that would break my heart. 

5. Wound – directed by David Blyth of New Zealand. Go out of your way if you must to get this film. Visceral and raw. I met [the] director in London at FrightFest and loved him, this film will rock your socks off and leave you feeling like you need a hot shower. You probably need one anyway. If there is a bravest film category, Blyth belongs in it with a bright, gold star. I've got a soft spot for directors that take us to the mat, face down.

6. Get Him to the Greek - How the Hell did this film make my list? Written by men, lived through by myself, and many other women friends. Dysfunctional rock stars and fame? Yeah, it's too real. Funny, gross, and the most realistic, intimate script in town. I recently compared it to 'Punch Drunk Love' and meant it. I avoided this film too, but again, watched on recommendation. Some bits truly painful, I cringed, cried, and laughed out loud. See it, it's funny, why? Because those moments are too real. And P-Diddy steals every chance he gets, love him! I'd champion a spin off flick with him alone, if it was on offer. 

7. The Fighter - Lady geeks, who wouldn't go 12 rounds with Christian Bale? I never noticed him until this year when I saw 'The Machinist' - late, I know. He is not my 'Caped Crusader,' but I'd throw your granny down the well to put him onset in my new biker film. He made this journey worth my while, ten-fold. Knock - Out! 

8. Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths - For the geeks like me reading this, I do not need to explain the wonders coming from the DC Universe comic series. You clowns making live action superhero movies should get schooled from these brilliant STV comic films, they've got better scripts and if you're going there, may I suggest, you shoot live action - frame for frame, word for word. 

9. Social Network - What do you get when you mix Fincher & Sorkin? A bloody solid film. I was absolutely dragged to this movie, college was a very painful, lonely experience for me, full of rejection and uncertainty about what I was or should become. I generally avoid movies set in those formative years like the plague. However, I was caught out on another lonely, adult night and knew if I went to see this film, at least, I'd get some drinking company afterwards. I realise in hindsight, this is a very important film, and it's extremely important that it's going to the definitive version of the invention of social media. In fact, I'd be surprised if you weren't reading my humble list from somewhere else than Face Book or a link from or to it. It's an amazing, based on the human condition, piece of art, worthy of being documented. I'm still the born loser looking for a family, but I've found it in film, and thanks to FB I can get my groove on, by hook or crook, by reaching out to an amazing international community. 

10. I Spit on Your Grave - Imagine, a girl like me, having to pick a favourite horror film? By proxy and small genre family situations I am privy to a lot. I get to see most genre films throughout the year most do not have access to. However, oddly, horror does not define me. But, I can say, honestly that I didn't enjoy a screening of any film more than this one, this year. There were some strong Euro competitors, but this Americana remake on a trusted horror staple, was well worth revisiting, hands down. Am I loving the sheriff from this film? You bet your arse, actor Andrew Howard is going places, he rocked my world on set with my latest film "Isle of Dogs" and with a mutual filmmaker's disturbing entry feature called "Pig," directed by Adam Mason. 

If I could sneak in elevensies - Wright's soon to be cult film, "Scott Pilgrim" - It's gonna hit cult status, geekdom. Rock On!

May 2011 knock your socks off too!!

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