Poster And Synopsis For Upcoming Korean Thriller Shows NO MERCY

Movie Horror by brians

There’s a new Korean chiller headed our way called No Mercy. Written and directed by first-timer Kim Hyeong-Joon and starring Hye-jin Han, Seung-beom Ryu, Kyung-gu Sol and Ji-ru Sung the film goes like this.


Hidden in the bushes along the river bank, a woman’s body is found severed into six parts. Homicide forensics expert KANG is called into investigation, eventually arresting environmentalist fanatic LEE as the main suspect. 

Meanwhile, KANG heads to the airport to pick up his daughter who hasn’t been back in Korea for 10 years. A stranger, supposedly ordered by LEE, gives KANG an envelope filled with pictures of his petrified daughter held captive. KANG goes to meet LEE believing the river bank murder case is involved with his daughter’s kidnapping. In order to save his daughter, LEE tells KANG to release him within 3 days, pushing KANG into an impossible fork in the road.

There's no release date for us over here in the states but we'll keep you posted.


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