Watch All 5 Episodes of the Zombie Web Series BITE ME

Zombies have become pretty popular these days, they're more popular now than ever before. AMC's The Walking Dead proved that. For those of you who enjoy the zombie madness, there as really fun new web-series that launched earlier this month called Bite Me, that I think is worth your time.

Five episode of the series were created, and they run about 10 minutes long each. The series was created to indirectly help promote the video game Dead Rising 2. The web series focuses on three gamers trying to fight off a zombie apocalypse. They fight off the hordes of undead based on what they've learned from playing videogames.

The fifth and finale episode was just released, but in case you missed some or all of the episodes here they are, all the way through the finale. This is an entertaining series and I think you'll enjoy it. Check it out and let us know what you think!