New Amy Pond Police Costume Action Figure Variant In DOCTOR WHO Christmas Adventure Set

The official Doctor Who Facebook page has confirmed that an upcoming Christmas Adventure Set will include an action figure variant of Amy Pond in her police kiss-o-gram costume she wore in "The Eleventh Hour".  She is also seen in the costume in the previews for the upcoming Christmas special "A Christmas Carol".  The downside to this is the set also includes an already available Eleventh Doctor figure and TARDIS.  So those of us who have already been faithfully buying most of the releases will be stuck paying for a TARDIS all over again, if this TARDIS is the previously released electronic Flight Control TARDIS, its inclusion in the set means it won't exactly be cheap.  Fans have been begging for this particular outfit for awhile, but I hope they offer it as a single carded figure as well.  There is no word on whether or not it will be exclusive to a particular retailer or to the UK.  Here's the picture along with the page's comments:

"In at number 3 in our poll, it's the brand new 5-inch action figure of Amy Pond, well more accurately it's...the Christmas Adventure Set! Includes the Eleventh Doctor, a model TARDIS with opening front doors, as well as the new Amy Pond action figure. (The new Amy Pond was developed due to unprecedented demand). This one will be released soon...keep your eyes peeled to this page."

It just says that the included TARDIS has opening front doors; maybe there are no electronic components in this version, which would keep costs down a bit.  Also, I don't know if the image represents the final versions of the set's components, but the previously released TARDIS from Matt Smith's run had black windows, unlike the white windows seen here.  The wall insert inside the doors is the same.  We'll see.

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