The Dude Abides At LEBOWSKI FEST

Lebowski Fest is a less costly option to Sundance Film Festival!

I am a huge fan of The Big Lebowski from the Coen Brothers.  It is one of those movies that I can watch over and over again without it getting old.  The movie is so awesome and loved by fans all over the world that there is an entire festival dedicated to the film.  The festival is a travelling festival with multiple events a year.  Keep reading to find more about this cool looking experience!

Here is the official description of the festival:

Lebowski Fest is a celebration of all things related to the 1998 Coen brothers cult comedy, "The Big Lebowski." Fans of the film (aka "Achievers") come from far and wide to drink white Russians, throw some rocks and party with an array of Dudes, Walters and Maudes (not to mention a nihilist or two). It's a two-day party that typically opens with live performances and screening of the film the first night and concludes with a raucous bowling party the following night. The First Annual Lebowski Fest was in 2002 in Louisville, but subsequent fests have been held in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Las Vegas, Austin, Seattle, London and Edinburgh. While the Coen brothers continue to maintain a safe distance from the madness they created, the fest has earned the blessing of the Dude himself, Jeff Bridges, who attended the fest in L.A. and even stuck around to sing a few songs. Check out photos from past fests, and click here find out when Lebowski Fest might be coming to a city near you.


Even though I am a super fan I have yet to attend the festival. Don't let that happen to you and be sure to attend one of the upcoming fests in a city near you!

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