Amazon Developing Service To Compete With Netflix is currently working on developing a film and TV streaming service to compete with Netflix! This service would be offered in a bundle as part of the Amazon Prime shipping service, which costs $79 per year.  

They are just one of many companies looking into new online services to combat the concern that Netflix may end up dominating electronic distribution of Hollywood content, just like how iTunes is the dominant force in music.

Warner Bros has invested in OnLive, a startup that offers video games over the Web. The company plans to offer movies via subscriptions and other offers.

Microsoft and Sony Corp. have joined forces and are currently talking to various media giants in hopes of licensing TV shows for subscription offers through their video game consoles.

Vizio has also expressed an interest in getting content for a video subscription service as part of their TV's.

OnLive CEO Steve Perlman had the following to say about the feelings of entertainment companies in regards to the rising online distribution power of Netflix. "I think 'concerned' is a gross understatement," "There's a snowball effect. At some point they have so much content, if you want to get your stuff distributed you have to go with them."

From a consumers point of view and someone that has used Netflix for a long time I personally don't forsee myself ever going with a different service to get streaming content.   So in reality, to me Netflix is already the dominant force.   

What are your thoughts on these potential new services?  Do you agree that Netflix is already THE dominant force for streaming content?

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