Neil Blomkamp & Sharlto Copley Working On ELSYIUM

Neil Blomkamp and Sharlto Copley are re-teaming with the upcoming sci-fi film ElysiumElysium is Blomkamp's long-awaited story set in the far future on another planet and, like District 9, is filled with many sociopolitical ideas in the form of a traditional action film. 

Currently, Blomkamp and Media Rights Capital are deciding on a distributor. Deadline is reporting that meetings have begun and there has been substantial interest from every studio.  Word is that Blomkamp will once again include a graphic novel as part of his presentation, like he did with District 9.

So far, Sharlto Copley is the only actor involved with Elysium.  Copley broke onto the scene with his role as  Wikus van de Merwe in District 9 and HM Murdock in The A-Team reboot.

District 9 had a negative cost of $30 million and went on to gross $211 million worldwide and garnered an Oscar nomination for Best Picture.   Elysium  is not going to be a be a sequel even though Sony Pictures has been pushing for a sequel to be made.  The film is likely to be made and marketed outside the studio system.

What are your thoughts of this news?  

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