The Upcoming ROSE WHITE Pits Dark Reality Against An Even Darker Fantasy!


What's up peeps?  We have some cool breaking news for you tonight for all of you who love dark and twisted fairy tales. GeekTyrant’s very own Scream Queen and my co-pilot over on TerrorTyrant Radio other wise known as the beautiful and super cool Deneen Melody has a fresh project in the works and we have the goods for you right here! Dig on the cool images after the the jump!

From the Press Release:

Breakwall Pictures presents the dark fantasy, Rose White.


Starring: Deneen Melody, Daniel Kuhlman, rest of cast TBA

Written and Directed by: Daniel Kuhlman

Co-Director: Brian Kilborn

Story by: Deneen Melody and Daniel Kuhlman (Based off the fairy tale Snow White and Rose Red by the Brothers Grimm)

Promotional Photography: Jessi Tetzloff


“Through Lilly's eyes, the world is a dark but beautiful place, where she and her sister, Rosalyn, live happily in the heart of adeep forest. In reality, however, each day is a battle for Rosalyn, who has been forced to take up prostitution in order to provide for herself and her delusional sister and simply pay the rent for their inner-city, tenement apartment.  

An odd twist of fate brings an unlikely ally into their lives, in the form of a local drug addict. Together, they form a plot against a vicious crime boss; a plan that will either lead to their salvation or their doom. 

Based on the Grimm Brothers fairy tale Snow White and Rose Red, Rose White pits dark reality against even darker fantasy, in a world where there are no happy endings.”

A teaser trailer will be filmed in the next few weeks and will be shot by Jeremy Kuhlman of Breakwall Pictures and Don Ford (Afraid of Sunrise). The trailer will help promote the film and hopefully bring in more money for the final production in 2011.

The casting of the lead character, Rosalyn, will be announced soon.

Fans may check out updates and information on the film at the Official Facebook page:









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