Adam Sandler and Kevin James teaming up again for VALET GUYS

Sony Pictures has recently acquired a feature film pitch for a new film called Valet Guys, and they are looking to cast Adam Sandler and Kevin James as the two lead characters in the film. 

The two comedians would play veteran valet parking guys at a South Beach hotel who witness a murder and find themselves running for their lives. 

Sandler and James worked together on the films I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry and Grown Ups, and Valet Guys definitely sounds like a movie these two guys would work on together.

This film pitch went for mid-six against seven-figures and Bakay and James will write the script together. Bakay has worked with James on other projects such as King of QueensPaul Blart: Mall Cop and an upcoming new film called Zookeeper. 

I'm sure it will have the same type of humor and formula that we've seen from these guys before. 


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