Check Out The Newest Promo Poster For The upcoming Web Series A SIX GUN FOR LOBO

Just a few days ago we showed all of you the new teaser posters for Michael Flores' Western X spin off  A Six Gun For Lobo and today we have one more for you featuring Lady Lynch ( Victoria Paege) along with Lobo (Dan Dice Narciso). Tune in this Thursday for the premiere of Western X on

In a town where opium is legal and prostitution is welcomed; Lobo, an opium addict and smuggler finds himself caught up in the middle of a soldier’s perverse obsession to find the perfect women with a distinctive characteristic; she must be a virgin. When Lobo interferes with the soldier’s plans, he kick-starts a whirlwind of trouble pitting himself against gamblers, outlaws and a pack of hired guns.
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