Chris Tucker's Next Project might be THE RABBIT

Movieby Joey Paur

Chris Tucker hasn't made a movie since 2007's Rush Hour 3, and to be honest, I haven't really missed him. I always found him more annoying than entertaining, but that's just me. 

Tucker is looking to return to the big screen in a new action comedy called The Rabbit, which is currently being developed at Warner Bros. 

The project is based on a spec script written by Micah Barnett and the story centers on a Las Vegas magician and master escape artist, who's forced to flee the country and becomes an internationally renowned "Houdini for hire" for clients wanting to break themselves or loved ones out of prison. All that changes when the CIA offers him a chance of redemption in exchange for one final job -- to retrieve a socially stunted master counterfeiter from a remote Eastern European fortress before the Russian mob can get to him.

I'm a sucker for magic so it sounds like an interesting concept. Maybe Tucker won't be so annoying this time around? What do you all think?