Details Reveled for Hugh Jackman's REAL STEEL

I've been cautiously excited for this upcoming robot boxing movie Real Steel coming to us from director Shawn Levy and Hugh Jackman. This is the film based on the classic Twilight Zone episode, Steel.

After having read a recent script review for the movie on io9, I'm definitely more excited about what is in store for us. The review they posted offers up some more details on the film that we didn't know before. It enters spoiler territory, so if you don't want to know what is going down then don't read ahead, but it's pretty cool stuff.

I went through the review and pulled some of the details out for you. Head on over io9 to read the full review.

They begin by saying that this is the "robot rumble we've been waiting for."

  • Real Steel takes place in the near future. Human-on-human boxing has been outlawed. The only boxing that remains is robot boxing.
  • Robot boxing features huge glitzy boxing matches where super-expensive machines pound each other until one of them is a sparking, flailing pile of spare parts.
  • Each boxer's "corner" consists of a high-tech control center where the human trainers control them and shout instructions at them.
  • The robot boxing champion is Colossus, an unstoppable behemoth created by robot boxing whiz kid Tak Mashido.
  • Colossus always wins his fights in the first round.
  • Colossus is autonomous and constantly evolving during a fight. Not only has his operating system been pre-programmed for every possible eventuality in the ring. He recognizes patterns and rewrites his fight code instantaneously.
  • Jackman's character, Charlie, makes his living out of his truck and traveling around to small robot exhibition matches. 
  • Charlie a down-on-his-luck former boxer who was never really a contender himself.
  • Charlie sponsors robots that don't really have a chance. 
  • Charlie wants to buy a robot called Noisy Boy, a former robot contender who's been on the exile circuit overseas. He just doesn't have the cash to buy him.
  • Charlie is put into a situation where he gets custody of his 11-year old son Max. He doesn’t want the kid, but a situation arises where he’ll keep his son for a couple months in exchange for cash, after which Max’s aunt and uncle will take him. The cash, meanwhile, will pay for this Noisy Boy robot.
  • Max and Charlie form an odd-couple team in the robot boxing business — Max is the brains operation, while Charlie knows the business end and has the experience as a boxer.
  • Max and Charlie end up bonding over the sport of robot boxing. This relationship forms the heart of the movie.

The review ends by saying that "this could be the feel-good robo-violence movie of next year."

Like I said this movie sounds like it's going to be pretty damn cool. I'm looking forward to start seeing some visuals for the film. 

What do you all think of the details that have been revealed? 

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