Mark Wahlberg Talks Plot Details Of Seth McFarlane's Raunchy TEDDY BEAR

Mark Wahlberg recently sat down with MTV and talked about his most recent comedy films Date Night and The Other Guys and told then to look for his next comedy Teddy Bear in early 2011.  Wahlberg tells MTV this;
"I'm getting to go do a comedy and the beginning of this year with Seth MacFarlane - his directorial debut," Wahlberg told MTV. "Dude, I'm so excited. It's just off-the-charts funny."  
McFarlane is writing, directing and providing the voice of the titular plush toy. MTV moves on to ask what the film is about;

"I don't know how much [Seth] wants me to tell," said Wahlberg, before revealing heretofore unknown plot details of the comedy. "But it's about this kid who gets a bear for Christmas. And, you know, it's the '70s -- it's one of those Teddy Ruxpin-ish teddy bears where you squeeze it and it says, 'I love you!' The kid wishes and dreams that the bear would come alive -- and a Christmas wish must be granted -- and it does [come alive]."
Walhberg insists this will not be a child friendly film but a raunchy R-rated effort. He finishes up saying this;
"Seth McFarlane's voicing the bear -- the bear is gonna look like a little teddy bear, but it's motion-capture. It's like 'Avatar.' It's never been done before. It's insane -- I mean, what the bear does... " Wahlberg trails off, unwilling to divulge the bear's surely NSFW antics, but then continues with a smile, "The bear becomes famous, and that's my ticket to getting things and living a life of privilege."
So who's excited for Teddy Bear and what McFarlane and Wahlberg together can bring to the big screen?

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