TWIC: Venom Gets New Look



Greetings, Tyrants!  SpiderMan news is up and hot off the presses!  Hah!  Actually, this might be old news, since I've been in Siberian exile the past 9-months, so I don't know what the hell is going on around here...  It's like I'm in a dream, but a dream within a dream...  And DiCaprio is there...  Wait what?  What's an Inception?

Speaking of SpiderMan, Venom gets a new look in Amazing SpiderMan #654.1 <--Don't ask me what the 0.1 means, because I don't know.  According to this cover I stole, "new" Venom doesn't really look like "old" Venom, which is a shame.  But "new" Venom looks ALOT like "old" Spawn.  I've included a picture for comparison purposes.  And what better locale than GeekTyrant to start the fire of dispute!  The two characters are similar to begin with, but I just can't get past the fact that throw a red cape on "new" Venom, and you get a totally already-existing character.

COMMENTS: Your thoughts?  Disagree with my assessment?  Any Spidey fans out there know what the 0.1 means in the issue number?  Ladies, phone numbers? **slapped with harassment suit**

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