CYPRESS HILL Member Sues Rockstar Games Over GTA: SAN ANDREAS

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Talk about insane in the membrane! Michael “Shagg” Washington, known to the hip hop nation for his work in Cypress Hill, has filed suit against Rockstar Games claiming they used his likeness and life story for a character in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas without permission.

For those who played the game, CJ is the character in question. Washington claims to have been used as a “street life” consultant of sorts by Rockstar prior to the game’s release in 2003. Amongst the many details of his “troubled life” as a youth he passed along to the company was the fact that teenaged members of his gang canvassed the streets on bicycles.

Washington, only recently exposed to the now six year old game, contacted his attorneys shortly after discovering the similarities between CJ and himself. He’s asking for a quarter of the money earned by the title, which, according to Joystiq, equals out to around $250 million.   

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