AVATAR 2 Will be Full Blown War!

Avatar has already surpassed the $2 billion dollar mark and it's still growing! We know we will see a sequel to the film, it's just a matter of when and what it will entail. Jim over at MarketSaw got some great information from his sources on what is currently going on with Avatar 2, and what we can expect when it finally gets made. The movie may not end up being Cameron's next film, but make no mistake about it, Avatar 2 will happen and when it does it will be a full scale war.

We've kind of steered clear from the rumors of what James Cameron's next film will be, but several other websites are saying that his next film will be Avatar 2. Apparently that's not the case at at all. Cameron is still undecided about what project he will do next. We've heard that Avatar 2 is currently in pre-production. To that I ask, what movie that Cameron wants to make isn't in pre-production? Battle Angel, The Dive, The Last Train from Hiroshima, and Avatar 2 are all in "pre-production" so he could jump on board any of those at any moment to get it into full blown production. At this point his next film will either be The Dive or Avatar 2, there's no doubt he's getting a lot of pressure to get Avatar 2 off the ground as soon as possible. 

The sequel to Avatar is currently being discussed and so far we know that the next story will take place off of Pandora. Jim's sources also say that the final battle we saw in Avatar was just that... a battle, and that Avatar 2 will be full blown war. If you didn't think it could get anymore epic, it looks like they are planning the mother of all wars for the big screen in Avatar 2. If that doesn't get you pumped up for a sequel I don't know what will.

So when you hear that we are going to see full blown War in Avatar 2, do you think our minds will be blown away all over again?