Will Patrick Stewart take a ride on MAD MAX: FURY ROAD?

A lucky fan got to meet the great Patrick Stewart today, and may have broke a little casting news for George Miller's fourth installment of Mad Max, entitled Fury Road,  in the process. Nothing has been verified or confirmed in anyway, so take it as it is... a rumor.

In a letter to AICN, 'TrekGirl' said of her encounter: 

We met the one AND ONLY Patrick Stewart in Sydney today I'm still giddy... 

... I got to ask him whether he'd like to make a movie in Australia and he said he may be back here soon to film a movie with George Miller.

... I - embarrassingly - blurted "Happy Feet 2! great!" and he said "No, another one".

She and we assume that he means Fury Road, which Miller will be shooting in Australia. But he only confirmed that he won't be in Happy Feet 2, and doesn't mention Mad Max o Fury Road at all.

If Stewart is on board, this would reunite him with his dagger wielding Star Trek: Nemesis villain, Tom Hardy (Bronson, Layer Cake), who is taking over for Mel Gibson as Max Rockatansky. Charlize Theron will also star as the female lead.

Hardy was only 25 when he battled Captain Jean-Luc Picard in Nemesis, and if Stewart is cast as the villain in the new Mad Max, it would be a make for an interesting role reversal. But again, just a rumor.

What do you think of the possibility of Patrick Stewart joining the cast of FURY ROAD?