Sylvester Stallone's THE EXPENDABLES Has Been Viewed and Here's What People Thought

Hey Gang! Sylvester Stallone's The Expendables is a film that I'm really looking forward to seeing no matter what any one says. The movie boasts a great freaking cast of badasses, which includes Sylvester Stallone, Jason StathamJet LiDolph LundgrenTerry Crews, Randy CoutureEric Roberts“Stone Cold” Steve Austin and Mickey Rourke.

The teaser trailer showed us a film reminiscent of many 1990's action films. I know what I'm getting myself into when I see a movie like this. It's meant to be an over-the-top fun time. 

So what did the people who saw an early cut of this film think? I have provided excerpts from these reviews our friends at /Film and AICN. 


The movie has a lot of awesome action scenes, specifically highlighting Statham, as well as the fact that Stallone can move and work this well at this age. As far as looks are concerned, Stallone is cut, but his face looks droopy and elderly, which is weird. It also reminds you that people like Terry Crews should be headlining films and people like Randy Couture have no business trying to act...Overall, I give it an 8 out of 10. There are some cheese filled moments and even some humor driven scenes that feel like bad improv, but this film does what it sets out to do: they compiled an awesome cast, gave big budget thrills, and remind us of the glory days of the action genre.


Stallone set out to do a straight-up homage to 80’s macho action hero flicks... Jason Statham will make it through this movie unscathed, retaining an appealing chemistry with the audience despite a silly subplot about his on-again, off-again girlfriend... Jet Li has the best comedic material, playing his size and ongoing money woes for a few chuckles, and he mixes that with some of the better, although too closely shot, fight scenes... The last “good” item I’ll mention is the hyped cameos from Bruce Willis and the Governator. It’s a short scene, maybe 5 minutes, with a couple of chuckles, and one solid, but far too expected, laugh regarding a certain character and his political aspirations.


The Expendables is chock full of the worst banter I’ve heard in years and that includes sitting at Denny’s at 2am next to a table of teenage girls. A few, very few, clever lines get out, but the hit-miss ratio will make the creators of “Meet the Spartans” look like geniuses...There was no sense of danger the entire length of the film unless you happen to be evil... There was no sense of danger the entire length of the film unless you happen to be evil... There was no sense of danger the entire length of the film unless you happen to be evil... Also, it’s worth mentioning that there is absolutely no attempt to get a female audience. None... A perfect film…for 1985.


First off, the hype and trailers which have been leading up to this film's release don't do it justice, by any means. For lack of a better term, this movie kicks ass. It is a nostalgic return to the classic action films that have been long forgotten in the CGI-obsessed era of film-making.

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