The Hughes Brothers to Direct a 2 Part Live-Action AKIRA Film!?

It looks like the live-action adaptation of the classic Japanese anime Akira is on the road to actually getting made. Warner Bros. is currently in negotiations with the Hughes Brothers to bring Akira to the big screen. The Hughes Brothers just directed the film The Book of Eli

The Akira script was written by Iron Man scribes Mark Fergus and Hawk Ostby, and the film is being produced by Leonardo DiCaprio's company, Appian Way. 

The story of Akira will not take place in one movie either. As you may or may not know, the graphic novel is 2,182 pages long. This is a huge epic tale, and Warner Bros. plans to make the movie into two parts so that they can tell more of the story. The first three volumes of the series will be part one of the film and the last three volumes will obviously be the second part. 

I love the fact that they are going to split the film into two parts. However, I'm not so excited about The Hughes Brother directing the project. They've already admitted to the fact they wouldn't have been able to handle a Batman movie. If they admit to that, how in the hell do they think they can take on Akira

So what do you think about the Hughes Brothers directing AKIRA, and the fact it will be a 2 part film?

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