JOURNIES - a New Film based in the world of Online Entertainment Journalism

Movieby Joey Paur

It was bound to happen sometime, a movie that takes place in the world of online entertainment news. The film is called Journies, and it should be interesting to see how this world is portrayed in this movie. 

The film is a romantic comedy that follows an aspiring online journalist who gets the scoop of a lifetime when a one-on-one interview turns into a date with Hollywood's hottest young ingenue.

Jamie King has been cast in the role of the journalist, and it's being produced by Robert Sanchez and Kyle Newman of Death Ray Films, the same folks currently developing I, Frankenstein. Sanchez explains,

It's 'Notting Hill' with a touch of 'Entourage' for the younger, hipper, Comic-Con crowd.

Journies is going to be a geeky romantic comedy, and I hope it ends up being a really good film that captures the hilarity of the online movie blog world. No word yet if any of your favorite movie blogs will be featured in the film, but there's definitely a lot of room to have some fun with this story. The movie blog world is a very fascinating place, and there's never a dull moment. 

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