Over 28 Billion Zombies Killed and counting in LEFT 4 DEAD 2

Hey Gang! For those of you who are fans of Left 4 Dead 2 and have been playing it relentlessly since it was released you should be proud of your efforts as zombie killers. 

In only two month you've managed to use a variety of incredibly awesome weapons to utterly destroy 28,981,249,043 zombies. That's over 28 billion! Thanks to the folks at ID4 for this awesome tidbit of information, and to put that number of zombies killed in perspective for you check this out!

  • The entire population of the planet has been zombified and killed 4.26 times.

  • With the average height of a zombie being 6 feet, if you stacked them end to end they would circle the globe 1,322 times.

  • If you placed 28,981,249,043 rulers end to end, they would reach 28,981,249,043 feet in the sky.

That my friends is an ass-load amount of dead freakin zombies! Congratulations you win the game! If zombies do end up trying to take over the world some day, I'd like to see them try, I think we wont have a problem taking them out. All thanks to video game we are prepared for the zombie apocalypse. 

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