Revolutionary Road scribe in talks to adapt Disney's THE LONE RANGER


It's been almost a year and a half since it was announced that (the part cherokee) Johnny Depp would play Tonto in Disney's The Lone Ranger.

Just as the tumble weeds started to roll on producer Jerry Bruckheimer's potential franchise, its being reported that Revolutionary Road scribe, Justin Haythe, is in negotiations to pen The Lone Ranger screenplay.

The intense drama of Revolutionary Road probably doesn't have you connecting the dots that Haythe can adapt the iconic action western. But the assignment may come as a peace-offering/"homie-hookup" from Sean Bailey, the newly appointed production president at Disney. Bailey was the producer on McG's  Captain Nemo that Haythe was writing, that is of course before Disney gave it the ol' heave ho.

I know a lot of people probably don't want to see anyone touching this classic, and it is a classsic -- originating in the 1930s radio show, with the TV Series running from 1949-1957. But I'm welcoming this, just to wash away the fact that Chad Michael Murray was the last person to ride Silver, in 2003's WB made for TV movie.

What do you think of Justin Haythe possibly being the person to adapt THE LONE RANGER? It's been awhile, so what do you think of Depp's casting as Tonto, and who do you think should play the Lone Ranger?

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