TOY STORY 3 Trailer Easter Eggs


If you haven't seen the newest trailer for Pixar's Toy Story 3, do yourself a favor and watch it now. While the first trailer yanked the on the sentimental strings, the latest packed in the laughs, introduced new characters, and contained a basket full of easter eggs.

Thanks to /Fim's resident Pixar fanatic Peter Sciretta, we have a bunch of hidden characters and throwbacks to show you that popped up in the new trailer. Click on images for hi-res and ultra hi-res:

Hiding amidst this parade of new and classic toys is a character unique to the Pixar family...

... that'd be Mr. Ray the Scientific Stingray from Finding Nemo, voiced by Pixar story artist, Up co-director;Bob Peterson, he also voiced Dug the dog in Up.

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