Vin Diesel back for a third RIDDICK Movie that will be closer in Tone to Pitch Black


Vin Diesel has been aching to get back into Richard B. Riddick's tank top, cargo pants, and goggles for some time now. For the years following the cult sci-fi hit Pitch Black, its critically panned sequel, and a successful video game series, Diesel has hinted, talked about, and even promised two new chapter's in the Chronicles of Riddick franchise -- even offering out the working titles of The Underverse and The Furyan with prospects of an R-rating. The last we heard from Diesel, he was location scouting in early December.

Well it's finally official now, at least for one sequel. Diesel will produce and star in the third chapter in the Chronicles of Riddick franchise, which is to simply be titled Riddick.

Franchise writer-director David Twohy will again helm from a screenplay he penned, that insiders say will hew closer in tone to his first movie, Pitch Black, focusing on the character of Riddick as opposed to the universe he inhabits.

This is great news! As fun as the second movie was, I don't know anyone who liked it better than the first. It's a lot like the Matrix syndrome, where the uiverse becomes the focus and you no longer feel connected to the character. As for the actual plot of the third movie, that's being kept under wraps.

Universal will handle US distribution with Lionsgate selling international rights at the Berlin Film Festival. Universal will slate the release of Riddick to not conflict with the studio's fifth installment of Fast and Furious, which will shoot sometime this year with Diesel onboard to star and produce as well.

No word on whether or not the much talked about fourth installment is in the pipeline as well, but I assume if Riddick does well, we can expect one in... I don't know, six more years?

What do you think of Vin Diesel returning for a third RIDDICK movie? Are you happy that the new film will be more like PITCH BLACK? 

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