Geeks With Heart Haiti Response

by Free Reyes

We here at GeekTyrant want to do our part in helping the people of Haiti. We were recently contacted by Geek Girls Network to participate in this little fundraiser in a effort to help. This is the perfect opportunity for you to help out if you want, if you haven't already. Thank you, and here's the message:

geeks with heartToday, while you're in the lovin' mood, why not share your big geek heart with others.

Geek Girls Network™ & Geeky Clean have created a fundraiser to support the Haiti Relief called Geeks With Heart.

Through Mercy Corp, Geeks With Heart has a fundraising goal of $2500 and there’s no minimum for donations. If you can spare just one special cup of coffee, an iTunes download, or a crispy chicken sandwich, donate to Haiti instead. Show Haiti why geeks have heart!

As extra incentive, and not that you need any, once Geeks With Heart reaches $2500, all who donated will have the chance to win a prize from an amazing grab bag of geek prizes!

So donate, tweet it up, put a badge on your website, and tell all your friends and family. Thanks!

Geeks With Heart Haiti Relief Fund from Galaxy Sailor on Vimeo.


Geeks With Heart:


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