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Ok let me introduce you to this cool little production company called Big Biting Pig Productions and it's little Indie film intitled GoatSucker. In my mind everybody has to start somewhere, am I right? So I sit down to watch GoatSucker and the name and translation into El Chupacabra itself drew me in.

To me what writer/director/producer Steve Hudgins does is make movies he loves and there is nothing wrong with that. Goatsucker is well written and has twists and turns till the very end and keeps you guessing and your going to get your first few guesses wrong! The twisting is that good!

The acting in Goatsucker could be better but remember this is a cool little independent horror film not one of Hollyweirds lackbusters so even with the subpar acting it's still fun to watch and probably one of my new guilty pleasures.

The production is low and limited on this film and you can tell but it doesn't slow it down one bit. Steve Hudgins tells great stories and only tells the ones he wants to and I give him props for that! Is this one of the best horror movies I've ever seen, no but I'd recommend this movie to any hardcore horror movie fan. It's not for all the fans out their but for the true lovers you should get a kick out of GoatSucker and what a fun movie name to say!

Watching through the bloopers you can tell they had a lot of fun making this movie and it should be no other way! I hope Steve Hudgins and Big Biting Pig  Productions keep cranking these out!


Capitalizing on the rash of sightings of a legendary creature called El Chupacabra (Spanish for "The GoatSucker) a touristy hiking company creates a GoatSucker hiking tour. The pleasant hike turns into a nightmare when disturbing events cause the group to suspect the 
GoatSucker may be more than just a legend.

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