Check Out These Cool EXCLUSIVE Hasbro Star Wars Action Figure 2-packs For 2010!

HasbroComic-Conby brians

No this isn't the return of My Toy Pick Of The Week but it might be a lead in to something pretty cool if our beloved toy companies keep crank these kind of gems out!

Thanks to the Star Wars Blog these 2 awesome upcoming Star Wars action figure 2-packs came my way today! This first one also plays as a what if in my book, because we all thaought Darth Maul might come back, right? Well check this out Geeks, a Darth Maul and Owen Lars 2 pack with comic! Hold up though, this aint no regular Dath Maul, this is what if.........Get it?

This bad boy will play as a San Diego Comic-Con EXCLUSIVE! The figures; Darth Maul and Owen LarsStar Wars: Visionaries Comic 2-Pack will be available with a reprint of a comic. These will also be available through Hasbro’s site and


Also we have a 2 pack for Star Wars Celebration V in August, a second comic 2-pack including Camie and FixerStar Wars: Empire from the comic book (and the cut Tatooine scenes from A New Hope) will be available, also through Hasbro and StarWarsShop.

 More to come as we dig them up!

So what do ya'll think about hese 2010 2-pack EXCLUSIVES?


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