Girls are sure to Love this Man-Shaped Pillow in the Image of Twilight's Edward Cullen

by Eli Reyes

You can hug him, but he won't hug back.

Taylor Lautner may be the Twilight heart throb being cast in every movie imaginable, but Robert Pattinson is the only one who has a life-sized pillow made in his image - though the proportions and screen printed face doesn't earn the "life-like" description... sorry ladies, this is as close as you're gonna get to owning him.

The Edward Cullen "Manllow," (half-man half-pillow) is made of soft cotton jersey on the outside and polyester stuffing and false hopes on the inside.

Other Features:

  • Screen print of Pattinson's sinature Brooding Stare
  • Pale Cotton Skin
  • Pocketed Navy T-Shirt as seen in the Twilight and New Moon Major Motion Pictures
  • (Glitter sold Seperately)


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