On the Weekend of Love a Flashmob does a giant LIGHTSABER BATTLE Instead!

This past weekend we celebrated two holidays, Valentine's Day and Presidents Day. While us Yanks either took advantage of the long weekend to go out of town, or prepped for Valentine's Day with that special someone, across the pond they spent their time on more important and pressing matters before the holiday. I am of course talking about...


A Flashmob consisting of over 100 Star Wars fans assembled in Bristol England's Cabot Circus on the 13th for a battle of the plastic sword... excuse me, Lightsaber.

This first video from Matt Gibson is of the moments before the whistle sounded to let your geek flag fly, and the first seconds or so of the Lightsaber battle.

In the second,  Scott Waller, Benjamin Gabb and Dan Tonkin edit in all of the appropriate Star Wars sound FX and music into their footage of the event. 

Here a couple more videos of the battle:


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