George Lucas practically Re-Directing RED TAILS with Massive Reshoots

If at first you don't succeed, have George Lucas reshoot it. It looks like Lucas will be getting back in the directors chair on his first non-Star Wars film since 1973's American Graffiti... too bad it's on a film that is supposed to be in post-production right now!

Last November, principal photography wrapped on Red Tails -- the George Lucas conceived fictional story of the historic and heroic exploits  of the first group of black airmen to serve as pilot escorts for American bombers in World War II, starring Terrence Howard, Cuba Gooding Jr. and Bryan Cranston. FirstShowing has learned that Lucas, who was serving as executive producer, is "very displeased" with what TV director Anthony Hemingway (The Wire) has shot in his feature debut, and will be taking it upon himself to to direct some massive reshoots.

Lucas' producing partner Rick McCallum is said to be pouring over dailies right now, trying to salvage whatever footage they can from Hemingway's work in order to figure out exactly how much will need to be re-shot. Combine that massive undertaking with an attempt to keep from going over budget if at all possible (even though this is a Lucasfilm project), and McCallum should be feeling quite a bit of stress about this project.

This doesn't bode well for Hemingway's feature career as Lucas will practically be re-directing Red Tails as the reshoots will involve hefty re-writes to the script that is said to completely change the main characters and their storylines. Is any of the blame also being placed on the screenplay by John Ridley (Three Kings, Undercover Brother)? If they're making that drastic of changes, there must be, right? 

There's no word on when the re-shoots will be taking place, what the changes to the story will entail, or how much the will delay the release.

I equate this to when you were a kid and your parents having you do chores. If you did a half-ass job you could tell they were mad at you if they make you fix it. But if they physically had to drop what they were doing and do it themselves, then you were in waaaay deeper sh*t.

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