Hurt Locker's Jeremy Renner Cast in McTeigue's RAVEN and maybe Berg's BATTLESHIP

Jeremy Renner has made quite a name for himself this year with his role in this year's hit film The Hurt Locker, which he's nominated for an Oscar for. We've heard casting rumors about him playing Hawkeye in The Avengers, but as far as we know that isn't happening. One thing's for sure, he's not hurting for work, it was recently revealed in NY Times that he has been cast along side Ewan Mcgregor in James McTeigue's period thriller Raven, which has a pretty cool concept. It involves a serial killer loose in 1850's Baltimore, and he's using Poe's stories as his methodology, so then he leaves clues at each murder and says it's up to Poe to find him before he kills again.

Renner is also circling a couple other projects, the first is Peter Berg's alien Battleship film in which he would play the lead role. The other film he's had five meetings for, but he wouldn't reveal what movie or role it is for. Some might speculate that it's for the role of Hawkeye, because of how secretive Marvel is with their projects. Renner has to choose between these movie because they both start shooting this summer. Personally, I'm not really sold on Berg's Battleship idea, not yet anyway. I say go for the secret project. 

Renner is a pretty talented guy who won't have any problems finding roles from here on out. He's on everybody's radar. It should be interesting to see where his acting career goes from here. 

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