Was this the original Score for THE WOLFMAN?

MovieMusicby Eli Reyes

Universal's The Wolfman may have been a let down in many regards. Even with the film's great cast, rich story potential, and a great director stepping up to take over the troubled film production, the script and clumsy editing dug a hole too deep for the film to climb out of.

So what on earth could have pushed the film from a "let down" with a few laughable scenes, down to a full on disaster? Well, a heavy rock score, that's what!

Here's an excerpt that CHUD came across that is apparently a rejected score by Paul Haslinger (Crank, Underworld) -- although comments on the original post say that this isn't a rejected score, but a library track from the film's website. Like we discussed on this week's GeekTyrant Weekly Podcast # 62, the visually rich look of the film and the the "lived in" authenticity of the period's atmosphere hit the mark with flying colors. All of that would have been lost in an instant had this score made it into the film, which is said to  gave been put into the film by some execs at Universal before getting yanked off the final cut of the film just weeks before its release. 

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