Ben Affleck to Direct film about the 1973 New York Yankees Sex Scandal

Have you ever heard about the true story of how two New York Yankees pitchers during the 1970's caused a national scandal by swapping wives? Well it happened and Warner Bros. has decided to make a movie about it called The Trade

Yankees teammates Fritz Peterson and Mike Kekich turned the country on it's head when they revealed in spring training 1973 that they were trading wives. Now get this... Peterson fell in love with Susanne Kekich and Kekich fell in love with Marilyn Peterson. Fritz and Susanne are still a couple today, while Mike and Marilyn ended up drifting apart. Pretty crazy, right?

This is a film project that Ben Affleck and Matt Damon have been interested in making for years. Now Affleck is attached to direct the project and potentially star in it. Affleck is interested in the role of Peterson and Damon was interested in the role of Kekich, but who knows if Damon will take an acting role in this one now.

We reported earlier today, Damon and Affleck are teaming back up to possibly resurrect LivePlanet at Warner Bros. Were still not sure what name they are going to go with, but The Trade may end up being one of the first films they produce with their newly formed production company. 

This will definitely make for a good movie and Affleck proved with Gone Baby Gone thats he's got some great directing talent. 

What are your thought on this new film project?

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