Harold and Kumar Writers to Script AMERICAN PIE 4 Movie

Back in October of last year we reported that Universal Pictures is going to abandon the direct to DVD spin off American Pie Presents films, and are going to make another sequel to the last American Pie film, American Wedding.

There was very little known about the project at that time, just that Universal was looking at actually making an American Pie 4. Well according to the LA Times the studio is moving forward with the project  and they are looking at bringing on Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle writers Jon Hurwitz and Hyden Schlossberg to write the new script that will be a whole new fresh take on the franchise.

Some of the cast members of the original films are interested in coming back to reprise their roles. The development of the film is very early so there are no solid commitments or deals with the actors yet.

When the first American Pie came out it re-awakened the raunchy teen comedies from the 80's and took it a step further opening the doors to many of the raunchy comedies that are being made these days. Looking at the films being made now, American Pie is pretty tame in comparison, but still good for a laugh. 

I'm sure whatever they have planned for the fourth American Pie film will fall right in line with what is currently being done for comedy these days. It will be interesting and fun to see what characters they end up using, and where these characters ended up in life. 

So what do you think about Universal developing American Pie 4?

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