New Clip for Adam Green's FROZEN - Lights Out


The Feb. 5th release of Adam Green's suspense thriller Frozen is only a few days away now, and we have a little clip for all of you mountain goers ready to trade your lift tickets in for the safety of a movie theater.

Frozen stars Shawn Ashmore (X-Men 1-3), Emma Bell and Kevin Zegers. The comedic clip ends with our three main characters realizing that this isn't just someone not getting off the lift right, but that the resort is shutting down for the week. For all of you out there who have been griping about cell phones, there isn't a "no signal" scene. The characters leave them back at their locker. So there, stop complaining.

I got to see this film when I was up at Sundance last week. Though I wasn't completely blown away, this will definitely put the worst thoughts in your head when you go skiing or snowboarding this winter. This is also a film that would best be experienced on the big-screen, with a large audience and all of your friends wincing and cringing. To read my full review Click Here.

To watch the trailer, Click Here.

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