TEEN WOLF Remake Finds a Director for its TV Pilot

TVMTVby Eli Reyes

MTV has found a director to helm the pilot episode for their television series remake of the 1985 Michael J. Fox werewolf movie, Teen Wolf. Our friends at ShockTillYouDrop have confirmed that Russell Mulcahy (Resident Evil: Extinction) will direct when production begins in Atlanta, Georgia.

As we already know, the Teen Wolf remake was written by Jeff Davis (Criminal Minds), and the series will aim to be a highschool buddy comedy, a dramatic thriller, and a romantic horror film. We'll see how that plays out when it hits screens later this year.

The cast aboard this surfing van ride is Tyler Posey, Tyler Hoechlin, Crystal Reed and Dylan O'Brien

Mulcahy's involvement will mean a slight postponement of his nature-run-amok 3D thriller, Bait, which he's developing. Micahy's other credits include Give 'em Hell, Malone; and he's also no stranger to television, directing episodes for Queer as Folk, and Hunger.

Does Mulcahy coming aboard give TEEN WOLF some hope? Or will this crash and burn either way?

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