Sean William Scott Talks about AMERICAN PIE 4 and Kevin Smith's HIT SOMBODY

Just last week we reported that American Pie 4 was currently being developed by Universal Pictures. It was noted that some of the actors from the original film were interested in returning to reprise their roles. It was confirmed today that Sean William Scott who played Stiffler in the film is definitely interested in returning as long as it will make people laugh. I honestly don't see how they could do a fourth American Pie film without Stiffler, he was the funniest part of the movies. Scott recently spoke with about the project and here's what he had to say.

I've been talking to them about it and there's a possibility. We came up with an awesome idea and I'm kind of at the point where I'm already known as that character forever anyways. As much as I want to do a part like Christoph Waltz in 'Inglourious Basterds,' I did 'American Pie' three times and then versions of that in ten other movies. If it makes sense and if it makes people laugh than maybe.

I hope they do actually have an awesome idea for where they want to take the characters from American Pie. Only time will tell how it turns out. In the meantime, I wont get my hopes up. 

Scott then went on to talk about how he is going to star in Kevin Smith's next film that revolves around hockey, Hit Somebody. Apparently Smith is making the movie for Scott and actually already asked him to star in it. Here's what he has to say about that.

He's doing it for me, he's going to ask me to play the character. We've talked about it. I grew up playing hockey, which is good because the character's not supposed to be a great player, he's a great fighter, so it's a really amazing film. He's writing it right now and he asked me about a month ago to do it and I'm like 'for sure.' I can skate okay, I'll definitely have to practice… but I can fight.

Kevin Smith then goes on to talk a little bit about what his film will entail.

I'm going for the 'Forest Gump' of sports movies, but not in terms of the visual effects, but it takes place through many different eras. It starts in the '50s and ends in the '80s, and primarily it's a big Valentine to the game of hockey, and an even bigger Valentine to Canada. The whole movie is about the game and the land and how they're one and how only Canada can produce a hockey player. I've been a 'Canadaphile' for years now, and in terms of influence, it helps to have the writings of Stephen Brunt, the guy who wrote "Gretzky's Tears" and "Search for Bobby Orr," stuff like that completely helps fill in the gaps for me not actually being Canadian.

There's a lot of fighting, but shooting something that's visually interesting. Here's the problem with hockey in this country. In terms of visually on TV, it's not nearly as fascinating as it is in person. It's the best sport to watch live, but TV doesn't capture it the way TV can capture football, so the idea in making a hockey movie is make it as visceral as possible, so to do that, you'd have to up the action ante, and I think 'Cop Out' was a way to start that.

I love the sport of hockey, but I especially enjoy watching it live. Smith is right, hockey is a sport best watched live. I'm interested to see how Smith ends up making this movie because it could end up being a great film about the sport of hockey. 

What do you think about Sean William Scott reprising his role as Stiffler, and Kevin Smith's HIT SOMEBODY?

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