Geek Art: Brandon Schaefer's Minimal-Retro Movie Posters


There's just something about minimalist poster designs that have an undeniable "cool factor." Maybe it's just surprising how the essence of a show is so perfectly captured in such a simple image. Maybe it's the nostalgic or retro feel they always seem to have. Maybe it's the fact that often the imagery used would only make sense to someone who has seen the film and who can identify important objects and plot points. There's something so pure about them, something a studio would hate, and the filmmaker would love! Instead of a floating head poster just trying to get butts in the theater seats, the poster is for someone with a great love of for the film itself.

In the past we've brought you Justin VG's Minimalist Star Wars Posters, Tom Whalen's Modern Vintage Illustrations, and Olly Moss' Retro MovieTV Show and Video Game poster designs.

Now we bring you the designs of 25-year-old Massachusetts-based graphic artist Brandon Schaefer, who likely has the most prolific collection of movie poster designs, that cover a variety of styles. We'll be offering you a a large glimpse into his large portfolio of minimal-retro movie posters, that is quite a treat for any movie geek or art lover.

You can purchase some of the prints over at

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