Geek Art: 80's Toy/Cartoon Characters Go Rogue in Post-Apocalyptic World

Artby Joey Paur

This awesome geek art comes from Tom Kyzivat over at Deviant Art where he's known as Murderous Automation. He's created a great collection of post-apocalyptic art using classic toy and cartoon characters from the 1980's. These 80's characters go rogue and our pitted against one another in this world that Tom has created. He has a little detailed description for a few pieces of art below that seem cool enough to turn into a full fledged comic book or film. 

Check out the art below and let us know what ya think!

Strawberry Shortcake and WilyKit

Shortcake's the humorless leader of the Rebellion against Brainy Smurf. Never far from her is Kit, a strange, cat-like child found near her dead twin brother after the war. She's emotionless and mute, but follows Shortcake everywhere she goes.

The Necromancer

From my 80s toy series, he's a powerful sorcerer from a fallen city, seeked out by the Rebels for help in defeating The Brain. 


Rainbow Brite,

Another character from my post-Apocalyptic story pitting characters from 1980s shows against each other.

She's part of the rag-tag rebellion against the industrial dictatorship of Brainy Smurf (aka "The Brain"), and aside from being the obligatory Tank Girl look-alike, she serves as their demolitions expert. She's wild and care-free, and her involvement stems more from her love of blowing shit up than her loyalty to the cause.

The Pessimist:

The first mostly completed character from my 1980s toyline post-Apocalyptic story! Can you guess who it is? Given the name and that he's a bear, it's pretty easy.

Mystery Character, from He-Man. Do you know who it is?

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