Geek of the Week: Fan Names All Original Star Trek Episodes in World Record Time

Videosby Eli Reyes


We've discussed introducing a Geek of the Week feature to our site in the past. But what could constitute such an honor from a site that reports about nothing but the geekiest of the geek? The inaugural installment would have to set the bar for the future GeekTyrant Geeks of the Week.

So it's fitting that this geek has a world record to prove the authenticity of his geekdom. Mack Elder set a world record at the World Record Appreciation Society event held at Joe's Pub in New York City earlier this month by naming all 79 episodes of the original Star Trek TV series in broadcast order:  performing the feat in 1 minute, 38.9 seconds.

The official criteria to beat the record: The episodes must be named from memory, not read.

Elder actually does quite a bit of stumbling, and he admits, "this is a target on my back now, every trekkie who thinks he can do this is gunning for me." My question is, can you sing the episodes? It's proven that that is the easiest way to memorize something. If kids can do it with President and the State Capitols, it should work for Star Trek episodes! Here's the chronological list of episodes, if you want to gun for him.

Check out the video and sound off in the Rant Back section below!

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