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A long time, I guess it was actually only a few hours ago...five men gathered to discuss film and video games. Using their oversized shell horn, they summoned their ranks and gathered at GeekTyrant Headquarters as they do every week to provide listeners with about an hour of content to get them through the week. No need to thank us - we do it for the love of the game.

Join Dr. Venkman, Abe Froman, Mazer, Ben P., and special guest Suspect X as they delve into the dangerous and daring world of...well, talking about movies and stuff. I guess it's not that dangerous after all.

Early Shutter Island Talk: 00:00:50

Box Office Top 5: 00:02:28

Shutter Island Review: 00:04:30

AIAS Awards

Uncharted 2: Among Thieves: 00:26:44

Flower: 00:28:29

Batman: Arkham Asylum: 00:30:00

Beatles Rock Band: 00:33:02

Mazer concludes his review of Mass Effect 2: 00:35:50

Movie News

Bruce Willis Talks Die Hard 5: 00:40:19

Coming Soon

Cop Out: 00:44:38

The Crazies - PS3 Contest Reminder: 00:46:20

Conclusion: 00:47:20



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