Logan Lerman Officially Cast as SPIDER-MAN?

According to TheCinemaSource they got an exclusive tip from inside sources at Sony Pictures that say Percy Jackson star Logan Lerman has officially been cast as Peter Parker in the upcoming reboot Spider-Man trilogy. 

We knew that he was in talks to play the character but we also got word that he was not the frontrunner for the role. As you know, Sony is looking for a younger type Peter Parker, and Lerman definitely fits the bill. He's got the look, and he's a decent actor.

When I heard that he was up for the role I assumed the studio would wait to see the reaction of Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief. The movie didn't do too well, but maybe they liked what they saw in Lerman and his potential. 

I'm not sure if this casting announcement is 100% true or not. The same outlet says that a trilogy for this new Spider-Man reboot hasn't been confirmed yet, when it was clearly stated that Director Marc Webb has signed on to direct three Spider-Man films, not just one. Maybe they just didn't know or forgot. But I am treating this as a rumor until there is solid confirmation. 

I guess we'll eventually find out if this report is true or not. In the mean time, let's open this up to some conversation, if Lerman was really cast as Peter Parker, what do you think?

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