Is it Possible that BATMAN 3 could start Filming this Year?


Rumors are pounding the internet with news that there is a possibility that Batman 3 could start shooting by the end of the year. As of right now all we know for sure is that Chris Nolan has an idea and a script is currently being worked on. There is still a lot of pre-production stuff that needs to happen before this movie actually goes into production, but is some of that pre-production stuff happening right now?

There are two different web-sites saying that location scouting has begun for Christopher Nolan's next Batman film. One of the sources speculates that film will start at the end of this year. But hell! Anyone can speculate! My speculation is as good as his, and your speculation is as good as ours! 

The site Batman On Film has heard from sources in Chicago where both filming on Batman Begins and Dark Knight that location scouting has begun on the third film saying,

[They] have been out and about in Chicago's Financial District.

This in a interview with an unnamed source on the set of John Landis' Burke and Hare over at The Moving Image is also claiming that Batman 3 is getting ready to start filming this year. Here's what the blog said.

In the earlier post about the BURKE AND HARE film shoot, I mentioned a source’s experience with Christopher Nolan on the Batman films and INCEPTION. I forgot to mention that he also said sets were either being constructed, or will soon be constructed, for the third BATMAN, with the possibility of shooting toward the end of the year. He also said that they were coming under budget at the end of THE DARK KNIGHT, so they built a whole extra set (possible usage in the third film).

I would take all of this with a grain of salt, but if it's true it would fall right in line with what Gary Oldman said at Comic-Con last year, when in front of 6000 people he stated that Batman 3 would start shoot "next year" which means 2010.

There's no doubt we will see a third Batman film made, it just a matter of when, if not this year then I speculate that it will most likely happen in 2011.

What are your speculations?

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