Matt Damon to Play Robert F. Kennedy in new Biopic

Matt Damon has been officially cast to play Robert F. Kennedy in a new biopic being developed at New Regency. The RFK film is to be directed by Gary Ross, and the script will be written by Dirty Pretty Things and Eastern Promises scribe Steven Knight. Ross began his career writing the movie Big, he then ended up directing Pleasentville and also wrote and directed Seabuiscuit and The Tale of Despereau. 

The film will trace RFK's transformation from the younger brother in the shadow of brother President John F Kennedy to a strong national leader in his own right before he was gunned down in 1968.

Ross is a decent filmmaker and Damon is a great actor, and I think he's a great choice to take on the role of RFK, he's got the look and acting ability to pull it off. The film will be an adaptation of the RFK biography titled His Life by Evan Thomas, which was published in 2000.

Here a little description of the book that the film will be based off of:

He was “Good Bobby,” who, as his brother Ted eulogized him, “saw wrong and tried to right it . . . saw suffering and tried to heal it.” And “Bad Bobby,” the ruthless and manipulative bully of countless conspiracy theories. Thomas’s unvarnished but sympathetic and fair-minded portrayal is packed with new details about Kennedy’s early life and his behind-the-scenes machinations, including new revelations about the 1960 and 1968 presidential campaigns, the Cuban Missile Crisis, and his long struggles with J. Edgar Hoover and Lyndon Johnson.

RFK lived such a interesting and eventful life, and there are always discussions going on about his life and the things that he was trying to accomplish and the things that he did accomplish. Damon will wait to read the script before we know if this film is going to happen. 

So what are your thoughts on Damon taking on the role of Robert F. Kennedy?

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