Mickey Rourke Cast as CONAN's Dad and Sean Hood Hired to Rewrite the Script

It looks like Mickey Rourke is going to end up playing Conan's dad in the new Conan reboot. His casting is probably the most exciting this to happen since Brett Ratner dropped out as director. Rourke's casting still doesn't get me interested in seeing this new Conan film though. 

The fact that they cast Jason Moma to play Conan completely turned me off on this movie. I just don't think the guy has the look or build of Conan. Marcus Nispel will be directing the film and shooting is set to begin this March in Bulgaria. But before that happens they are going to have the script rewritten by Sean Hood. Thomas Dean Donnelly and Joshua Oppenheimer wrote the original script. Hood recently worked on a similar screenplay for the same producers for a movie called Hercules, which is currently looking for a director. This is a film they'll focus on once Conan is fully up and running.

I don't have high hopes for this movie, and I'm not sure why Rourke took the part unless it's a very small role and he had some time to spare. Also cast in the film so far is Leo Howard who will play a younger version of Conan. 

Are you excited for the new Conan movie? What do you think about Rourke being cast as Conan's dad?


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