This Week in Comics, 02.24.2010

Las Vegas, Nevada... 1987... Lincoln Hawk battles through the throes of steroid-induced sweaty titans in his search for the top prize in the World Arm-Wrestling Championship. This time, though, there's more than an 18-wheeler and a son's love on the line. Nay, this time the top prize is a copy of This Week in Comics!

Hello, hello, GeekTyrants to this week's trip down the comic book rabbit hole. I initially titled this post as TWIC: Malice in Blunderland, but then I figured that my jokes are never funny, so I'll save that gem for another week.


-- For those of you who know me pretty well, you know I once mauled a polar bear and then ate its young. For those of you who know me even better than that, you know my idea of a sexy night is watching DVRed episodes of Jeopardy...with Anne Hathaway...who I then go on to see naked. Now many of you may know that much, but if you truly want to find yourself in my good graces, you admit that I was the blogger who predicted the "White Lanterns", which would inevitably solve the Blackest Night crisis. I'm talking about predicting this pre-#1. Yeah. I know. Soak it in. Just call me "Trehern-odamus". [Gotta Collect 'Em All - DC Announces White Lantern Ring Promotion]

-- Jim Lee did the artwork for my Superman air-freshener that hangs in my car. Other than that, I've never heard of the guy. Well, for some reason, Lee's been promoted to co-publisher with Dan Didio over there at the sweatshop they call DC Comics. But will his air-freshener art suddenly stop? It doesn't sound like it, according to the Robot 6 article. Ahhh...I can smell the cherry scent already. [Jim Lee isn't done drawing quite yet]

-- If you find yourself interested in the comic book/movie/entertainment/anything to make a buck news, than the above mentioned promotions over at DC have produced a gold mine of information and blog posts (most of which I glance over while my adult film clips load). Lee and Didio publish, and Geoff Johns has become the Chief Creative Officer. I bet he uses the A.W.E.S.O.M.-O 4000 for most if not all of his ideas. [DC Names DiDio & Lee Co-Publisher, Johns Chief Creative Officer, GeekTyrant's Comic Movie Roundup and Notes from DC]

-- Silver Surfer is by far my favorite Marvel character. I mean he beats out Gambit by like 6 or 7 miles. I always wondered why his stiff demeanor couldn't be solved by a summer at Bayside High School. In three months, he'd be a hip, backwards-chair sitting kid from the 90s. If any of you are familiar with the Angry Video Game Nerd, he takes you back to when the Silver Surfer had that awesome game on the Nintendo Entertainment System called...Silver Surfer. Anyway, this article kinda has something to do with him. Silver Surfer, not Angry Video Game Nerd. Geez. [EXCLUSIVE: The Thanos Imperative]

-- What the hell is this "War of the Supermen"? And I read "Superman: World of New Krypton" and I've never heard of "The Last Stand of New Krypton". Damn, I need to tighten up my game, son. I mean, it's easy for you to get your comic book news, you got me. But who do I have? **dials up Geoff Johns** Hey... Yeah, I know, I'm about to post it... No, I'm busy this weekend... No, really, I am... Oh, quite your whining. I just called to ask you to forward all creative ideas that you get my way so I know about them before anyone else, even Didio... Yes, I'll be your friend if you do... Alright... Alright, I'll talk to you later... Yes... Yes... Fine. [Gaze at Marcos Marz LAST STAND variant, and more…]

Geez, now I have to change my phone number. For the rest of you, sleep easy knowing TWIC is safe under your pillow, and I'll see you next week.


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